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ITIC is our internet ticketing system. It is a free service and uses cutting edge software to file your request for a locate online so all you need is an internet connection. The user-friendly interface will collect all of the necessary details of your request and then with the support of advanced mapping tools you can specify the exact area you need located.


One easy phone call to 811 starts the process to get your underground utility lines marked for free. When you call 811 you will be routed to the Kansas 811 call center. Kansas 811 operators will ask you for the location of your digging job and route your call to affected utility companies. Your utility companies will then send a professional locator to your location to mark your lines within a few days. Once your underground lines have been marked, you will know the approximate location of your utility lines and can dig safely, because knowing what’s below protects you, your family, co-workers, and others that may be on the job site.


You can file a ticket on the go or on location with our mobile app on your cell phone or iPad. It’s available for iPhone and Android!

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Importance of Accurate Information

Driving directions and footages to your dig location are used to ensure the correct utilities are notified. The mapping/polygon determines what utilities will be notified to mark their lines. If inaccurate information is provided, the wrong utility company(s) may be notified and/or more importantly a utility(s) may NOT get located.

Information you will need:
  • County
  • City or Nearest City
  • Address and nearest intersecting street to the provided address
    **NOTE** For new areas under construction or areas where no address is available please be prepared to provide the nearest major intersection and how far and what direction the location is from there.
  • Where on the property digging will take place

Types of Ticket Requests

This is the first time you have called to have underground lines located for this particular excavation or demolition job. Most requests fall into this category.
This is a request for the location of underground lines at a site where work will be performed in the future. The location of lines is needed now for planning purposes.

An emergency locate request is defined as an underground locate request where excavation or demolition must begin prior to the standard two full working days. Under state law, an emergency exists only when one or more of the following conditions are met:

  • The unforeseen excavation which, if not performed, could threaten life or health.
  • The excavation is required to repair or restore service.
  • Excavation is required prior to the two working days in order to prevent property damage.
  • An unstable condition exists which may result in any of the conditions listed above (for example, a leak in any service or main, or a fault in a primary or secondary wire or cable).

When requesting an emergency request, inform the operator that an emergency situation exists and be prepared to explain which of the above conditions is in effect. The operator will prepare the request for immediate transmission and will issue a start date equal to the time the excavation is scheduled to begin.

DO NOT declare an emergency request for any of the following:

  • Installation of new utility service.
  • Installation of a fence or deck.
  • Planting of trees and/or landscaping.
  • Installation of a sprinkler system.
  • Road construction.
  • Any other excavation that can wait for two working days.

A major project is one which will continue for a significant distance or length of time. The operator will get general information about the work to be done and the general location of the work in order to determine which members might have facilities along the path of the work. Note: This category should rarely be used as most projects can be broken into smaller identifiable pieces which can be easily described.

If a member has not responded to an earlier request, a second request for marking can be made for the member(s) who did not respond. In these cases, the Kansas 811 operator will ask you for the ticket number assigned to the earlier request. If you do not remember or have lost the earlier ticket number, you can either pull up an old email to get to all your tickets or call the center and file a ticket search. As a last resort, you can file a new request but it will take longer, another two working days. It is VERY important that you record the ticket number for every call you place with the call center.

Should you discover that some information provided in an earlier request was incorrect (e.g. you gave the operator N. Maple and it should be S. Maple), or there is a change in marking instructions, it is imperative that you contact the One-Call center with the ticket number assigned to the earlier request and allow the utilities another two full working days notice.

Should something happen and your excavation/demolition project is not going forward at this time, the locate request should be cancelled so members do not waste time locating underground lines unnecessarily.

If your work has not been completed within 15 calendar days from the start date of the prior request, you may re-validate the locate request. The operator will ask for the ticket number of the earlier request. Also, you must allow the facility owners another two full working days notice.

A request to have the lines remarked.

ANY/ALL damages and/or disturbances of a utility must be reported to the facility owner/operator AND Kansas 811. This includes but is not limited to: full cuts, sheath/coating scuffs, bent or kinked lines, pulled lines from original location, and tracer wire.

If gas, hazardous liquid/material or electrical sparks are present, call 911 first!

Things to Remember:

You must call at least 2 full working days (not including the day of the call, weekends or holidays), but no more than 20 calendar days prior to the start of your excavation project.

Remember to dig AROUND the marks, not on them. Some utilities may be buried at a shallow depth.

Tickets filed on the internet have the option to add an attachment to locate requests provided complete marking instructions are given on the ticket. The attachment helps give the locators a better understanding of where you are excavating.

Emergencies can be filed online after completing a training session.

Kansas 811 is not a utility company and does not locate underground utility lines; Kansas 811 is a utility notification center for anyone digging in the State of Kansas.

Providing the nearest cross street to the location helps the One Call Center and the utilities/contractor locators verify they’re in the correct area.

Kansas 811

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phone: 316-687-2102
fax: 888-236-3465

Please Note: Any modification, concerns, or questions regarding a ticket locate must be done by calling 811 or 1-800-DIG-SAFE

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