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Kansas 811 2021 Excavator Training

COVID-19 has changed everything in our daily lives (including work) as we know it. As we hope you know, Kansas 811 is always focused on safety and it is always top priority to protect our employees, members, excavators and communities.

After careful deliberations on how to best and most safely hold our 2021 Kansas 811 excavator training meetings, it has been decided to use a hybrid approach this year. Kansas 811 will make available two separate and unique training vehicles to achieve our 2021 education goals.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Statement

Kansas 811 continues to process locate requests. 

Please remember that Kansas law requires that excavators ALWAYS file a locate request with Kansas 811 for ANY digging that is being done, even during this national health emergency.

We would like to remind everyone that all facets of the excavating industry (whether an excavator, homeowner, facility owner, locating company or one-call notification system) are coping with the effects of the pandemic and, as a result, everyone’s resources may be affected. 

Please be aware that this may have an impact on the underground utilities’ ability to respond to all 811 excavation notification requests in a timely manner as defined by law.

Therefore, please make sure that ALL underground utilities have responded prior to digging, because it is possible there may be delays as companies deal with COVID-19.

Kansas 811 requests that you use ITIC for all your non-emergency requests whenever possible by going to Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented time.

Stay safe and be well,
Kansas 811

Things to Remember:

When a meet is requested by an excavator, an affected operator shall make a reasonable effort to attend the meet at the proposed date and time, or contact the excavator before the meet and reschedule for a mutually agreed upon date and time.

Kansas 811 is available to assist you in optimizing Facility Operator notification areas.

Kansas 811

8100 E 22nd St. N, Bldg 2300-1
Wichita, KS 67226
phone: 316-687-2102

811 or 1-800-DIG-SAFE (800-344-7233)

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Please Note: Any modification, concerns, or questions regarding a ticket locate must be done by calling 811 or 1-800-DIG-SAFE